Turn Up Your Mood with Torstein Horgmo

Torstein Horgmo

Torstein Horgmo searches the globe for the best peaks and valleys to show his skills on, but pro snowboarding makes it challenging to keep a level head. To keep his inspiration fresh for shredding on his board, he creates music and when he is boarding, he often has ideas that he puts into the music he makes.


Fresh snow is what Torstein loves, but he can’t board in a storm, unfortunately; however, he CAN make music with serene scenery in the background and the chill energy of a Rockstar Unplugged. Just like when boarding, he makes music for hours, finding inspiration for his next trick in the synths and kicks while composing.

Torstein mentioned that “Sometimes you need the firepower, but for unplugging and making music.” The hemp seed extract and herbal blend combine to help him turn up his mood, and we are excited to see what fans create with their own cans of Rockstar Unplugged.